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Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen's opening 1
Jujutsu Kaisen’s Shibuya Incident Opening Made it Even More Brutal

The Shibuya Incident is a devastating arc, but clever changes to Jujutsu Kaisen's opening made it even more brutal than in the original manga.

burn-the-witch-08-breaks-crunchyroll-bleach-spinof-Cover 1
Bleach's Spin-Off Burn The Witch Breaks Crunchyroll With New Episode

Burn The Witch, a spin-off of the popular Bleach series, has been reported to crash Crunchyroll's server following its highly awaited return.

Dragon Ball's Namek Saga characters all lined up side-by-side 1
Dragon Ball's Namek Arc Gets Fan Poster So Good it Could Be Official Art

The Namek Saga is an iconic arc in Dragon Ball lore, and in a new fan-made poster, Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma set off on their epic journey planetside!

Boa Hancock blushing with Ace smiling in the background in One Piece 1
One Piece's Ace Becomes the Ultimate Thirst Trap in Incredible New Art

One Piece's Fire Fist Ace swoons fans once again in stunning new fan art with his signature sunny smile that's worth melting for.

Loid and Yor look serious in Spy x Family 1
Loid Vs. Yor - SPY x FAMILY Gives Fans the Fight They've Waited For With One Catch

Yor and Loid from SPY x FAMILY are certain to clash once they discover each other's identities and the manga is showing what that may look like.

Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury Suletta and Miorine holding hands and smiling 1
Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Finally Answers THAT Question About Its Leads

After walking back on a groundbreaking same-sex relationship in Witch from Mercury, Gundam puts to rest a question that has confused fans for months.

Boruto with Luffy from One Piece and Yuji from Jujutsu Kaisen 1
Boruto Officially Surpasses Both One Piece And Jujutsu Kaisen

After years of being negatively compared to its predecessor Naruto, Boruto's part 2 made the series stand out and surpass industry juggernauts.

Future Trunks with long hair and Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks side by side 1
Dragon Ball's Future Trunks Looks More Badass Than Ever In Cool New Art

Future Trunks hails from a battle-ravaged time where he's constantly fighting for his life, with new fanart depicting him as the badass hero he is.

Jujutsu Kaisen Culling Games arc-3 1
The Culling Game is Here - Jujutsu Kaisen Season 3 Confirmed

After a successful second season, Jujutsu Kaisen has been announced to receive season 3 which will adapt the Culling Games arc.

One-Punch Man's Psychic Sisters Look Absolutely Epic in New Cosplay

Tatsumaki and Fubuki are two of One-Punch Man's most popular characters, proven by this excellent cosplay that showcases both sisters.

Shin and the Hi Shin army 1
Kingdom's New Trailer Confirms Fans Are Missing Out On This Best-Selling Series

The Kingdom anime adapts one of the best-selling manga ever, and the new trailer for season 5 proves that more fans should be paying attention to it.

Egghead Island key visual 1
One Piece's New Theme Songs Perfectly Bookend The Anime

One Piece will be receiving a new opening and ending theme for the Egghead Island arc, and the choice of artists is perfect for the final saga.

Yaesaki from Green Green Greens Ponders a Golf Club 1
One New Shonen Jump Hero Is Pathetic - And That's a Good thing

The new Shonen Jump series Green Green Greens features a protagonist who breaks the standard mold of Shonen heroes by being relatably pathetic.

Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball and Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball Z looking angry 1
Dragon Ball's Chi-Chi Returns to Her Fighting Roots in Cool New Art

It's often forgotten Dragon Ball's Chi-Chi is a capable fighter who can hold her own in battle, with new fanart reminding fans exactly who she is.

JJKs Gojo being captured by Kenjaku and forced into a prison realm during the Shibuya Incident arc. 1
Incredible New Jujutsu Kaisen Art Brings Gojo's Prison Realm to Life With a Surprising Twist

A unique piece of fan art from ChuRuuna on X reinvents Gojo's prison realm from Jujutsu Kaisen in a fun – and delicious – way.

Where To Watch The Boy and the Heron 1
The Boy and the Heron Could Make Oscars History After Getting Shortlisted For Surprising Category

Miyazaki’s The Boy and the Heron continues its record-breaking tour as the Academy shortlists it for at least one Oscar at next year’s award ceremony.

Angry Luffy with the One Piece anime remake 1
New One Piece Anime Studio Teases The Remake Will Be Different From the Original

Wt Studio is officially remaking the One Piece anime, and they're already teasing big changes from the original series.

Frieren picks mushrooms with her friends 1
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Episode #17 Release Date & Time

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End episode #17 will feature a major decision that could change the composition of Frieren's party moving forward.

Kaiju No. 8 characters 1
Shonen Jump's Upcoming Anime Kaiju No. 8 Already Made History For a Big Reason

Kaiju No. 8 is already a highly anticipated anime, but it will also be the first anime ever to be available for streaming on social media.

KonoSuba God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! Kazuma Satou, Aqua, Megumin, & Lalatina Dustiness Ford Falling 1
Smash-Hit Isekai Anime Finally Returns With Explosive Trailer For New Season

The long-awaited season 3 of Konosuba finally has a release window and an exciting new trailer showcasing why the series is so popular.

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