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George Takei in Fresh Off the Boat. 1
Star Trek Icon George Takei Makes A Funny, Surprising Confession On Your Mama's Kitchen Podcast [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Legendary Star Trek actor George Takei appears on Your Mama's Kitchen podcast and drops an unexpected but amusing revelation about his childhood.

moriarty season 2 clip 1
Helen Mirren Voices The Villainous Lady Milverton In Moriarty: The Silent Order Clip

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents a new clip from Moriarty: The Silent Order, the second season of Audible & Treefort Media's podcast drama.

Jim Carrey as The Riddler In Batman Forever 1
DC Finally Justifies The Silliest Villain Costume Tradition Of All

DC's silliest villain costume tradition is explained by one of the franchise's most iconic - and often most outlandishly dressed - antagonists.

layla deleon hayes & james charles leary slayers interview 1
Slayers: A Buffyverse Story Stars On Introducing A New Vampire Slayer

Laya DeLeon Hayes and James Charles Leary discuss stepping into the Buffyverse, playing with new dynamics, and introducing a new Slayer in Slayers.

emma caulfield ford slayers interview 1
Emma Caulfield Ford On Returning To Anya In Slayers: A Buffyverse Story

Emma Caulfield Ford discusses stepping back into the roles of Anya & Anyaka in Slayers: A Buffyverse Story, the recording process, and the multiverse.

slayers buffyverse clip exclusive 1
Slayers: A Buffyverse Story Clip Features New Versions Of Anya & Drusilla [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant presents an exclusive clip from the new Audible original Slayers: A Buffyverse Story which will reunite original Buffy cast members.

third eye exclusive 1
Felicia Day Is A Failed Chosen One In Third Eye Audio Drama [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant presents an exclusive clip from Felicia Day's new Audible fantasy sci-fi comedy Third Eye, starring herself, Sean Astin, and Neil Gaiman.

Ad Lucem Troian Bellisario Interview 1
Troian Bellisario On Stepping Into The Podcast Space With Ad Lucem & Her Next Steps

Troian Bellisario discusses her first podcast, the audio drama Ad Lucem, and how she collaborated on creating the immersive audio experience.

christian cooper dr rae wynn grant going wild podcast 1
Can’t-Miss Going Wild With Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant Episode Features Christian Cooper

Birder and Marvel Comics writer and editor Christian Cooper shares his origin story and lifelong passions on Going Wild with Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant.

hilary swank audible clip 1
Hilary Swank Gets Tough On Sexual Assault In Audible's Zero Tolerance [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming Audible Original Zero Tolerance, a story from crime author James Patterson.

travis beacham impact winter interview at sdcc 2023 1
SDCC 2023: Travis Beacham On Impact Winter Season 2 & Action Scenes In Audio Dramas

Impact Winter creator Travis Beacham discusses inspiration for his post-apocalyptic vampire audio drama, Darcy's arc in season 2, and new characters.

third eye sdcc interview 1
SDCC 2023: Felicia Day, Jonah Ray & London Hughes On Bringing Passion Project Third Eye To Life

Third Eye's Felicia Day, Jonah Ray, and London Hughes discuss the recording process, collaborating with Neil Gaiman, and the long development.

impact winter season 2 audio 1
Impact Winter Returns For Season 2 With New Victims For Penelope & Hope To Find

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents a clip from Impact Winter season 2, the hit fiction podcast which is now available to listen to through Audible.

Bretrayal S2 Final Logo 1
Betrayal Season 2 Podcast Trailer Uncovers A Predator Close To Home

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents a first listen of the trailer for season 2 of Betrayal, the juggernaut hit from Glass Podcasts and iHeartPodcasts.

CBR Dynamic Duos title art showing the title over two fists bumping in the center surrounded by superheroes. 1
CBR Launches New Podcast Featuring Creatives Interviewing Each Other

Comic Book Resources is launching an exciting new podcast entitled Dynamic Duos, which will feature different creatives interviewing each other.

Critical Role Metapigeon Midst Podcast 1
Critical Role's Metapigeon Acquires Sci-Fi Fantasy Podcast Midst

Critical Role's development and production company Metapigeon has made their first acquisition, the Midst podcast, planning to expand the Midst brand.

minnie driver the lesser dead interview 1
Minnie Driver On The Lesser Dead & Making Her Dramatic Podcast Debut

The Lesser Dead star Minnie Driver discusses the podcast adaptation of Christopher Buehlman's novel, making her dramatic podcast debut, and more.

paul giamatti and stephen asma with planets 1
Paul Giamatti’s Chinwag With Stephen Asma Reveals Podcast Trailer [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant presents an exclusive first look at the trailer for Paul Giamatti’s Chinwag With Stephen Asma, a podcast series for weird conversations.

gates_investigates_s2_1920x1080 1
Star Trek: Picard (2020)
Gates McFadden’s Podcast Season 2 Is A Can't-Miss For Star Trek Fans

Gates McFadden's hit podcast InvestiGates returns for season 2 for more intimate conversations with Star Trek actors, starting with William Shatner!

Chris Parnell This Job is History 1
Chris Parnell On This Job Is History, Rick and Morty, Archer & More

This Job Is History host Chris Parnell discusses the time-traveling Wondery comedy podcast, exploring odd older jobs, Rick and Morty and more.

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