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Chained Doctor Hate Crytoon DC Featured 1
The Chained, Doctor Hate, Sovereign: These Terrifying New Villains REALLY Challenged DC's Heroes in 2023

From cartoon-obsessed psychopaths to powerful chaos magic users, see which 10 DC Comics’ villains proved to be 2023’s most challenging new foes.

Trinity Shepherd and the Boom DC Featured 1
Beast Girl, The Boom, Trinity: DC's Best New Heroes Will Change The Past, Present, & Future in 2024

From forgotten sidekicks to future warriors, DC history got some major updates with the debut of 10 new heroes that promise shape 2024 for the better.

Every Marvel Comics hero as a Skrull in Secret Invasion.  1
Marvel's Secret Invasion: 10 Skrull Reveals That Left Fans Stunned

There was no shortage of incredibly shocking Skrull-reveals in Marvel Comics' iconic Secret Invasion crossover event. Here are the 10 most stunning!

Nightwing, Homelander, Wolverine, and a Blue Power Ranger. 1
Homelander vs Omni-Man, Power Ranger Wolverine: 2023's Best Fanart Created the Pop Culture Mash-Ups We Didn't Know We Needed

Fans did not hold back when it came to creating jaw-dropping pieces of fanart in 2023 - & Screen Rant was there to cover them all. Here's the 10 best!

Lord Zedd as a Power Ranger 1
11 Ways The POWER RANGERS Comics Have Redefined Franchise Lore

BOOM! Studios continues to build upon the history of the Power Rangers franchise by expanding to its vast lore in new and exciting ways.

gary larson far side cow and cavemen 1
15 Funniest Far Side Comics That Perfectly Capture Gary Larson's Sense of Humor

The Far Side's Gary Larson has a truly unique sense of humor - with each of these 15 comics embodying one of his funniest obsessions.

2023 best cosplay venom black cat alex ross' wolverine costume scott snyder batman 1
Black Cat Venom, Wolverine's Best Forgotten Costume, & "Real Life Action Figure" Batman: 2023's Best Cosplay Combined Movie-Level Quality with Comic Book Creativity

DC, Marvel, and Image Comics all found their way into the best cosplay of 2023, including underrated looks of popular characters and stunning details.

MonsterVerse's Kong with a Skullcrawler and Mother Longleg on Skull Island. 1
Skullcrawlers, Psychovultures & Mother Longlegs: 10 Deadliest Skull Island Megafauna in MonsterVerse Continuity (Besides Kong)

Skull Island is a literal breeding ground for some of the most dangerous Titans in MonsterVerse continuity. Here are the 10 deadliest! (Besides Kong).

Featured Image: cross-section image of Marvel Stormbreaker covers; angelic Spider-Man (left); Daredevil (center); Scarlet Witch (right) 1
Bazaldua, Casagrande, Klein: 10 of This Year’s Best Covers From Marvel's Stormbreakers

2023 was a huge year for Marvel, with its exceptional cast of artists from the Stormbreakers program, and here are ten of their absolute best works.

Utgard-Thor, Toranos, wielding a massive version of Mjolnir 1
10 Marvel Villains Introduced in 2023 That Could Be Major Threats In the Future

This year introduced a host of dangerous new villains to the Marvel Universe; here's a look at who could be the biggest threats of the next year.

Wolverine smiling and brandishing his claws.  1
10 Gamechanging Wolverine Moments From His Early X-Men Comics

Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men is perhaps the most iconic run in X-Men history, & the way it established Wolverine's character is a big reason why.

Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV & Movie Set Features 30 Blu-ray Discs 1
Every Star Trek Movie Comic Book Adaptation, Ranked

Comic book adaptations of Star Trek movies used to be the rage, and here is every single one of them, ranked worst to best.

A collage image featuring official artwork of Wotakoi, as well as the cover artwork for volume 11 of Sweat & Soap and the volume 1 cover art from Firefly Wedding 1
10 Best Romance Manga With Adult Leads

While many popular anime and manga series that fall within the romance genre tell high school love stories, there are plenty of series for adult fans.

Yorick and Ampersand in Y: The Last Man 1
All 10 Volumes of Brian K. Vaughn & Pia Guerra's Y: THE LAST MAN, Ranked

Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's Y the Last Man was a landmark comic of the 2000s, and here are all ten volumes ranked.

10 Best Manhwa on Webtoon 1
10 Best Manhwa on Webtoon

Webtoon has a little of something for everyone with well over a million titles to choose from. Here are 10 of the best manhwa on the platform.

The leftmost panel shows a green creature with red eyes, the center panel shows a grey creature with multiple eyes, and the rightmost panel shows a purple checkered creature. 1
10 Scariest Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stands That Are an Absolute Nightmare in Battle

While the series has memorable Stands that range from adorable to majestic, it also has some truly terrifying ones that act as nightmare fuel.

Deadpool and Cable doing a pose referencing Back to the Future. 1
10 Outrageous Quotes From Cable & Deadpool

The things Cable and Deadpool say are about as absurd as the things they do, especially in the Cable & Deadpool series. Here's the 10 most outrageous!

A collage style image featuring three different manhwa heroines, one with pink hair and blue eyes, one with a short bobbed hair cut, and one with long purple hair. 1
10 Best Ongoing Manhwa of 2023

Korean manhwa offers an excellent alternative to Japanese manga and Western comics. These ongoing series prove the manhwa revolution continues apace.

Featured Image: Three side by side images of dogs acting like humans in the Far Side. 1
10 Best Far Side Comics Where Dogs Act Like Humans

Canines embrace the absurd and topsy-turvy world of the Far Side in these hilarious, clever comic strips that feature dogs acting like people.

Punisher Cover Marvel Comics 1
10 Punisher Quotes That Proved Marvel's Hero is Completely Unhinged

Punisher is one of the most unhinged characters in Marvel Comics - obvious by his actions, but also by his words. Here's his 10 most unhinged quotes!

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