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My Hero Academia's Cast 1
My Hero Academia Season 7: Story, Characters, & Everything We Know So Far

Everything there is to know about My Hero Academia's seventh season, including the upcoming story, new characters, and more.

Image shows anime screenshot of young Naruto swinging on a swing outside of his school while all the other students graduated and are celebrating with their parents, while Luffy from One Piece points and laughs at him. 1
One Piece Is The Secret Reason Behind Naruto's Most Heartbreaking Moments

Naruto's author expressed how One Piece's writing helped shape the series' more emotional moments, showing how each series improved the other.

Dragon Ball Super: Beerus in front of his home looking shocked. 1
Dragon Ball Super's True Final Boss Will Be a Hero Stronger Than Beerus - Theory

There's one character in Dragon Ball Super who would be the best ultimate opponent, and it's perfectly fitting with the story to make it so.

Engage Kiss anime key visual 1
Demon Hunting Anime Series Proves How Romance Can Improve Action Shonen

Engage Kiss might be about demon hunting, but what truly captivates viewers is the romance and how well the anime depicts it.

Goku and Raditz in Dragon Ball.  1
Goku’s Other Dragon Ball "Brother" Is Way Stronger than Raditz

Goku has a deep connection with a character he calls his "brother", who is also way stronger than Raditz.

Boruto_Code at his best 1
Boruto's Most Disrepected Villain Still Has A Role To Play In Two Blue Vortex

While it's commonly believed that Code is nothing more than a “filler villain”, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex shows he is still a threat to deal with.

Black Clover Cast, including Asta & Julius, gathered together in front of purple and brown background 1
Black Clover Isn't Just Underappreciated, It's One of the Generation's Best Shonen

Black Clover flies under the radar in the anime and manga community, but it's actually one of the most important of today's shonen.

Image shows Naruto from Shippuden doing hand signs while a faded image of his mother and father are scene behind him, also doing handsigns. 1
Naruto's Darkest Version is Technically Canon Thanks to One Shippuden Episode

A lone episode of Naruto Shippuden does its best to make one of the best – but often ignored - Naruto stories told as part of the official canon.

Jujutsu Kaisen's Shibuya Incident arc opening song visual featuring members of the main and supporting cast. 1
Who Lives and Dies In Jujutsu Kaisen's Shibuya Incident Arc?

Jujutsu Kaisen's Shibuya Incident arc is the series' bloodiest, featuring the deaths of multiple important characters.

Pokemon: Ash and Pikachu in front of the space between universes. 1
A Pokémon Multiverse - One of Pokémon's Weirdest Episodes Has Huge Implications For the Franchise

One episode of Pokémon established the existence of a mirror universe, but it's not the only alternate universe seen within the series.

Portgas D. Ace looks over his shoulder and flashes a devilish smile while being enveloped by fire 1
One Piece's Saddest Death Is Even More Infuriating Than Fans Think

Ace's death is one of the saddest and most infuriating moments in all of One Piece, but there's a level to it that many people are unaware of.

super-saiyan-blue-created-reason-dragon-ball-fans--Cover 1
Super Saiyan Blue Was Created For a Simple Reason Most Dragon Ball Fans Missed

The truth behind the origins of Dragon Ball Super's Super Saiyan Blue is actually rather simple, according to an interview with Akira Toriyama.

Domestic Girlfriend key anime visual depicting the main protagonist having his face and mouth covered by two girls. 1
Romance Anime Tests Crunchyroll's Limits With Comically Inappropriate Premise

Domestic Girlfriend has quickly grown infamous due to its inappropriate premise, leading many to wonder – at a glance – why its on Crunchyroll.

Jiangshi X official manga artwork. 1
JoJo's Stands & Dragon Ball's Fusions Merge In Exciting Shonen Manga

Shonen Jump’s Jiangshi X introduced a new technique that borrows ideas from both JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Dragon Ball Z.

Naruto and Boruto Dynamic Duo working together to create a rasengan. 1
Boruto Two Blue Vortex Is The Perfect Platform To Retcon Naruto

Despite widespread complaints and fan dissatisfaction, Boruto has become an essential piece of the saga that can make Naruto canon better.

Pokemon Ash Gigantamax Pikachu Cover 1
One Pokemon Episode Predicted a Huge Game Mechanic Decades Early

An episode from Pokemon: Indigo League, the very first season, set a precedent for one major game mechanic long before it was developed in-game.

Kuma 1
One Piece: Bartholomew Kuma's Timeline Explained

One Piece has recently made Bartholomew Kuma one of its most tragic characters of all time, and as such, fans need a full breakdown of his timeline.

Image shows Goku and Vegeta both in Super Saiyan Blue forms surrounded by aura as they prepare to attack and very concerned looking Beerus. 1
Dragon Ball's Beerus Has a Secret Weakness That Proves How Goku & Vegeta Could Kill Him

Beerus maybe Dragon Ball Super's Ultimate God of Destruction, but they can die thanks to one glaring weakness that Goku or Vegeta would never exploit.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie anime key image focusing on the lead protagonist, her love interest, and their in-game personas. 1
Intricate Romance Anime Was Cut Short For a Tragic Real-World Reason

Recovery of an MMO Junkie accomplishes more in 10 episodes than most multi-season romance anime do, and it could have done so much more, too.

JoJo Most Original Part Featured Image 1
One JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part Wasn't Just Great, it Redefined Shonen Forever

JoJos Bizarre Adventure wasn't always the mega-franchise it is today, but one part changed all that by revolutionizing shonen manga.

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